Why building social proofs can help you boost your sales


If you are an online entrepreneur, you might have already known that social presence is really important. Even for SEO purposes, you must have different social media accounts. You can increase the Web ranking[Minimice Group, which is the term in Thai] of your website on rank yourself on first page of Google. You can have decent organic traffic and paid traffic as well. But what would you do if people really want to connect with you. People would want to buy from someone they could trust and connect with otherwise Amazon and eBay are always great alternatives.

Why social proofs are necessary

Social proofs are necessary to show people that you are someone just like them and living among them. It will help them connect better with you and trust you. It will build your credibility.

Some decent ways to build social proofs

Social proof means that you have different social media accounts with a decent following everywhere.

  • You may have a Twitter account and once in a while you could tweet your views about something or something informational so people could see it and know that you are there.
  • One of the best options today is to create a Facebook page. People should be allowed to post questions and their queries and you will resolve their issues directly there. It will help you gain credibility.

Benefits you will get

The biggest benefit is that people would start to have faith in you. Once you earn their trust they would not hesitate to introduce you with others. That way you will get more leads. These people would be more likely to buy from you.

With the social proofs, you will soon get a lot of followers. These followers will help you generate more leads and that way you will be able to generate more leads than ever which would result in more sales than ever.