Tips On How To Use Your Phone Better


All this contact and exposure time with the cell phone make it necessary to pay extra attention to this accessory. In this sense, taking care of the phone is a way to avoid scratches, falls, and other damage to the device, ensuring that it works at its maximum possible performance.

1. Use Cell Phone Skins

The film has already become a mandatory protection item for anyone with a cell phone. Generally, it is made with glass material that guarantees more resistance and protects the screen more efficiently, and gives a new cell phone look with very little time of use.

Also known as a second screen, the film is essential in avoiding scratches and a cracked appearance, especially if the device suffers an abrupt and unexpected fall against a hard surface. In addition, the film also helps to maintain the proper functioning of the touch screen function. This is possible because it protects the screen and prevents it from being damaged in case of rain or contact with liquids or other objects.

2. Use Cases For Protection

The cover is another essential item to ensure the protection of the mobile device’s internal parts and external design. The case material helps to reduce the impact of drops to the floor or knocks. As a result, the risk of damage is much lower, and the device’s appearance remains more conserved. So, buy a protective case as soon as you buy the phone. The hectic routine and excess of tasks can make you feel anxious or overloaded with activities, which can cause you to drop your cell phone, for example.

3. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

The ideal is to keep the cell phone away from very high or very low temperatures, as they can seriously damage the battery, electrical connections, and the entire internal structure of the device. In this sense, avoid leaving the smartphone exposed directly to the sun, stuffy, or in places with extreme cold. The most recommended thing is that it always be kept in an environment with a temperature ranging between 15ºC and 30ºC.

4. Take Care When Cleaning The Device

It is essential to keep your cell phone clean and clean it regularly. The best way to do this is to use tissue paper moistened with a gel or pure alcohol solution. Water is not recommended as it can enter the internal structures of the device and damage it. That way, your smartphone will always look good. The device’s lack of cleaning can reduce its useful life since the sides, front, and back can suffer from flaking. In addition, dirt particles are likely to penetrate the phone’s ports, such as the hole reserved for charging the battery or for using headphones. Just make use of an expert such as  to avoid any issue.