The Pros and Cons of marijuana delivery vancouver Services


The recreational use of marijuana has seen a recent resurgence in popularity, in the first quarter of 2018, cannabis research firm ArcView found that legal sales of cannabis increased by 33% from the same period in 2017 and within this growing industry, many businesses are looking to provide new services for consumers.

One such service is marijuana delivery vancouverservices, the convenience of having your weed come to you instead of having to go get it yourself is obvious and appealing and there are pros and cons to weed delivery services, continue reading to find out information about several common options and the benefits and drawbacks of using them, regardless of which company you decide to place your order with.

What are the benefits of Marijuana Delivery Services?

Marijuana delivery services provide several advantages for both the consumer and the business, for customers, the biggest advantage is convenience- no longer do you have to go out to a dispensary and wait in line, instead, you can place your order online and have it delivered directly to your door and this same convenience can be a plus for the business as well.

Many marijuana delivery services allow customers to order online, which means there is no time wasted on a cashier ringing up sales as this can increase the number of deliveries a business can handle at a given time- for example, if one person orders during peak hours and another order an hour after that, the business can only process one order at a time, if delivery services are available, however, the business can process both orders at once.

Weed delivery service pros and cons

Weed delivery services provide several advantages over going to a dispensary, for starters, they are available at all hours, while most dispensaries close at 6 or 7 PM and open a few hours later and this makes them a convenient option for people who have time-sensitive needs, such as those who need to relieve pain before sleep.

Delivery services also allow for greater privacy, as you can order online and then have the product delivered directly to your door finally, weed delivery services are usually cheaper than going to a dispensary as this is important, as the cost of weed is a major factor in deciding which products to buy.


As cannabis continues to become more widely accepted, more companies are offering delivery services, these companies provide a variety of advantages, including reduced wait times, increased privacy, and lower prices. However, these benefits come with a few potential drawbacks; couriers can run late, which means you will not receive your product when you expect it and delivery services also require you to leave your house and leave your product outside and if you choose to use a delivery service, it is important to follow a few safety tips, first, choose a reputable company that has been in business for a few years, next, only order from a company you feel comfortable with and finally, inspect your product carefully for signs of damage before accepting it.