List of Veteran Friendly Cities for Affordable Civilian Life


Veteran and military families find it hard to transit into civilian life. Several veterans don’t wander away from their assigned bases while a few of them settle in cities they were stationed in the past. Many cities offer high life quality, but are not affordable to veterans opting for VA home loan benefits. Factors that can influence their overall life quality include –

  • Affordability
  • Economic wellness 
  • Federal employment opportunities
  • Safety
  • VA health facilities
  • Education quality
  • Job market strength
  • Average commute time
  • Infrastructure
  • Cultural attractions 
  • Air quality

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According to research, the veteran-friendly cities mentioned below excel in affordability and quality of life. Texas attracts employees and businesses from across the world because of its low living cost, recreational, and cultural opportunities. The place has a huge military community among which the majority of veterans belong to the Air Force and Army. 

Laredo [Texas] [Cost of living – 90.7]

In South Texas, on Rio Grande banks lies Laredo. The cost of living is 20.5% lower than Texas’s average home price. Location experiences warm temperature year-round. Laredo has a college and university. The economy of Laredo is based on international trade activities with Mexico due to its location and access. 

Corpus Christi [Texas] [Cost of living – 94.3]

In the Gulf Coast of South Texas, Corpus Christi is busy securing foreign business investments and creating job opportunities. Investments are strengthening the local economy. Countries like Italy, Brazil, Austria, and China are investing in this region last 5 years. The city is making the most of its educational assets, deep-water ports, and friendly climate to develop. There are hotels, cultural venues, many hospitals, tourist attractions, as well as dining &shopping options. 

Lubbock [Texas] [Cost of living – 93.7]

Lubbock is a hub for education, economics, and health care. The 6th largest college in the state – Texas Tech University is situated here. The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance is working diligently towards business investment and creates jobs to enhance the quality of life of the local people. 

El Paso [Texas] [Cost of living – 87.4]

El Paso is a business and transportation hub for West Texas and New Mexico. Small local businesses thrive because it is a tourist terminus for history buffs and outdoor adventurers. You can experience a blend of Spanish and American Indian culture in the music, architecture, art, and cuisine of the city.

San Antonio [Texas] [Cost of living – 88.7]

It is a great tourist destination in Texas that offers outdoor activities, historic sites, and a shopping experience. Theme park SeaWorld San Antonio is the main attraction. There are various bases scattered in San Antonio and currently, it is experiencing firm economic growth because of advanced sectors like aerospace, IT, cyber-security, green technology, and bioscience & healthcare. 

Oklahoma City [Cost of living – 85.4]

It is Oklahoma State’s capital city that offers attractions, culture, cuisine, and amenities expected in the modern metropolitan area. It has a rugged Western past and you will experience rich cowboy culture. There are cultural attractions, good dining options, and enjoyable outdoor activities. The city is working on increasing job opportunities for the locals through the expansion of current businesses as well as adding new ones.