How To Change Being Afraid Of Competition In Photography?


Yes, many established professionals from photo enhancer are afraid of competition, perhaps because they knew about the unfair competition of the business from a very early age when they were the ones arriving in the market.

They are studying, updating, investing, preparing for the market, making good contacts, maintaining a relationship of friendship and companionship even with competitors, encouraging colleagues, challenging their fears, asking for help, stopping allowing their EGO to dominate their common sense, and being self-critical with your photography, being sensible and having, above all, a more honest attitude towards photography.

One of the main complaints I’ve noticed in “professionals” (of all types) is that business is getting harder and customers don’t give more importance to photography than they used to. A lower price easily seduces them.

In a way, we do agree with that; after all, with the possibility of making records that in the past were not possible or feasible to be made by anyone, it is natural that there is a decrease in demand for particular services or professionals. However, there is a long way to go on this road to say that this is the only reason.

Sentimental Importance – The Emotion Of Photography

As already said, when having access to memories and details of recent memories, our kinesthetic memory kicks in. We can even reproduce the situation in our mind, smelling the place, the person, remembering the touch of the wind on the skin, from the looks that met and this all makes us feel emotions (except for some people who have problems and don’t feel emotions with these things). Check

These emotions can be responsible for depressive moments; yes, they can also be responsible for that extra strength that we do not know where to overcome obstacles and move on, better and stronger.