When and why should you choose Karcher Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

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What actually is an industrial vacuum cleaner?

A structure that is often made of solid steel is well built and coated with a protective varnish if needed. A small engine is used to create a significant amount of vacuum and to produce a high amount of suction efficiently. The small engine is also used so it wouldn’t add much weight to the structure. Some have attached rubber wheels with them so you can move them if needed.

Why are Karcher industrial vacuum cleaners the best?

The Karcher industrial vacuum cleaners [เครื่อง ดูด ฝุ่น อุตสาหกรรม karcher, which is the term in Thai] are most efficient and sturdy as compared to other industrial vacuum cleaners. Karcher industrial vacuum cleaners can be used continuously for long periods without a break and give you the best performance.

Karcher industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to give you:

  • Performance better than any other industrial vacuum cleaner;
  • Better product efficiency by working nonstop for long periods and by preventing your costly machine stops;
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and loses because of their high durability and long life;
  • Extreme safety, even in most dangerous atmospheres.

Whatever your need is, every type of vacuum cleaner is available at Karcher industrial vacuum cleaners.

Points to consider before buying or renting an industrial vacuum cleaner

  • What type of product do you need to vacuum liquid, metal, thin, heavy, or powder?
  • Is the product dangerous or harmful?
  • Are other tools or attachments required for your work?
  • Is it hot residues or ashes you need to vacuum?
  • Is it hospitals or healthcare environments you need to vacuum?
  • How much quantity do you need to store at a time before emptying the cleaner?
  • Do you need a moveable vacuum cleaner or attached to a place?