What Most People Don’t Know About The Immigrant Investor Program Canada


The Immigrant Investor Program in Canada, also known as the Business Immigration Program, allows successful or promising foreign entrepreneurs or business people to apply for permanent residence if they meet certain conditions. The program was first introduced in 1986 and underwent a significant change in 1994 when it became its current “Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Project” version.

The immigrant Investor Program Has Been Around For Decades

The Immigrant Investor Program has been around for over 30 years. The program was first created by the federal government in 1986 with the intent of attracting entrepreneurs, who wish to invest in Canada, as both an act of investment in their own businesses and a return on investment for Canada.

How Should You Go About It?

One of the most common questions people ask when they want to invest in immigrating to Canada is how they can go about it. The easiest way to answer this question is by saying that there are two ways: You can either put your money into a government-run bank account or you can invest directly in a business or a project.

If you are looking for a form of investment in Canada, the immigrant investor program canada is one of the best options. As one of the few investment programs offered by the government, this allows investors to get permanent resident status, instead of temporary work visas. However, with many rules and regulations involved in applying for such a visa, most people do not know how to go about it.

What Is The Application Process?

The immigrant investor program Canada application process is set up so that you can give clear, thoughtful answers and provide supporting documentation for your application. The process is not complicated as long as you have a well-thought-out strategy, are organized, and know exactly what documents are required to prove your eligibility.

A Permanent Residency Visa Is Issued To Successful Applicants

The Immigrant Investor Program Canada is a great opportunity for those who have enough money for investment and have the desire to immigrate to Canada. Successful applicants will receive a PR visa and be able to live and work in Canada for five years, with the option of renewing their status after that time.

You Can Use It To Move Your Family To Canada

Many people who move to Canada do so to improve their quality of life, whether it’s pursuing new opportunities or saving money on the things they need. But did you know that Canada offers an even greater benefit: If you have a family to bring with you, we can help them immigrate as well.

The Immigrant Investor Program Canada allows high-net-worth individuals to move their families to Canada. This includes your spouse, children, and even grandparents. As a global investor, you have the unique opportunity to create a new life in Canada with your family and live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.”