How to place your Own Images To Your Auctions and Webpages – A Beginner’s Guide


Most of us have had the experience whenever we began. Attempting to have our very own pictures within the auction as opposed to just within the eBay box in the finish. Most of us have checked out other auctions and thought, how did they are doing that?

Well, allow me to enlighten you….

We’ll result in the assumption you have enough HTML understanding to construct your personal auction page and you possess some webspace for the pictures (otherwise, you will find free websites available, look for free image hosting on the various search engines…)

Now we will be ready to insert images. Should you adopt these measures, it’s easy to come with an image within your auction for the entire world to determine.

1. Create or edit the look you want to make use of (ensuring it’s the size you would like)

2. Reserve it for your image folder on your computer

3.upload this folder by your ftp program (that enables you to definitely send files for your webspace or image host)

4. Open your advert page inside your HTML editor (or notepad)

5. insert the cursor in the EXACT point you would like the look to look

6. insert the next code….

7. save and paste to your eBay auction.

Simply to explain the code above briefly, the “http” pertains to where the picture is located (your home or perhaps an image hosting webspace).

The “alt” may be the image title which will show whenever you hover more than a picture in IE

the “imext” describes your image extension, whether it etc

The “width” and “height” controls the picture size and render it as being you want so that it is seen.

This creates all HTML pages so technology-not only by yourself site too.