4 Reasons Why The Mazda MX-5 Isn’t That Great

Blue MK1 Mazda MX-5

Unless you’ve been living in a cave all your life, you’ll surely notice that a plucky little Japanese sports car, is one of the most loved and hyped up things, you’ll EVER see on four wheels.

Memes, fanboys and social media sites (*cough Car Throttle) have been building up hype for the ‘Miata’ for years on end.

However, no car is completely perfect. So here are 5 reasons, why Miata ISN’T always the answer

1. It Has a Childish Face-


Alex Kersten's Miata on the 'ring
It almost looks too jolly…


Now let’s not deny that the MK1 MX-5’s face is a particularly bad thing. Because really, it’s distinctive, the puppy dog eyes are part of why so many people love this thing!

But the thing is, most other sports cars which were around in the late ’80s tended to look a bit more aggressive at the front. More sporty.

Take the TVR S2 for example, that was a much more serious looking thing. Perhaps cooler too? And even the first-gen Toyota MR2 had lines which nodded the Ferrari 308. The MX-5’s looks, look just that bit immature compare to other cars.

And some of us don’t really like fun.


2. There’s No Honourable Motorsport Heritage-


Green Racing Miata
This GT4 version isn’t exactly something to boast about…


Now it’s commonly known amongst petrolheads, that the MX-5 was the spiritual successor to all of the great British sports cars of yesteryear, and that sounds like an appealing kind of car.

But, it kind of isn’t in a way. And that’s due to Motorsport pedigree.

Take the MGB for example, it dominated it’s class in the Monte Carlo Rally, and the Le Mans 24 hours! And people could simply go out, and buy a piece of Motorsport glory, at an affordable price.

Then there’s the Austin Healey 3000, that thing took part in major Motorsport events all around the globe, as well as a streamlined version setting several land speed records at Bonneville!

The MX-5 on the other hand, did pretty much none of these things. Of course, there was the GT4 (pictured above) but it’s not really a famous mention is it?

And that’s the problem with the MX-5, there’s no history, no trophy to boast about. You’re just buying one, on the basis that it’s a good sports car. That’s IT!


3. Predictable Maybe?


Could the MX-5’s effortless reliability be a downside?


Let me explain, what I mean by ‘predictable’-

In essence, owning a sports car before the MX-5 was like having to pet wolf. Fairly unreliable at times, if you didn’t know what you were doing, and it’d let you on you on cold days, if you tried to start it up.

When the MX-5 came along though, it shouted out to the world that sports car ownership didn’t have to be this way!

Engineered by the Japanese, it was as reliable, as owning a pet cat.

Personally, I think that’s a great thing. But I’m sure there’s some purists out there, who like the idea of their car being an unpredictable dog.

To classic car owners, fiddling with headers and carburetors is a great thing, about sports car ownership. So it’s fair to say, that they might not really approve of the MX-5’s reliability. (When it hasn’t been modified 🙂


4. There Are ‘Better’ Cars Out There, For The Money-


Honda Civic Type R EP3
If you want fun for just over £2k, a Civic Type-R is hard to match!


The used car market is fascinating, when you have the time to browse around it. Go onto Autotrader and you’ll find stack, after stack of MX-5s for sale. It’s endless!

Prices for a decent MK1 MX-5 are increasing, due to the appreciation. And so you’ll find a decent one, from around £2000 upwards. And even less than that for the MK2, which average out at around £1750.

But what else can you buy for that sort of money?

Well, for just a few hundred quid over £2k. You can bag yourself An EP3 Honda Civic Type-R! One of the most favoured hot hatches, in history! Epic deal I reckon.

But if you’re a RWD, front engined purist. What exactly is wrong with a convertible BMW 3 series? You can easily get an E36 323 or 328i for around £2k, and those (I can confirm due to ownership) are fabulous cars!

Also, wouldn’t a Toyota MR2 perhaps be a more interesting choice, in terms of a low powered sports car?


So that’s 4 reasons why the Mazda MX-5 (Miata) is NOT always the answer. Don’t you agree? Let us know down in the comments!

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