What is Cisco Catalyst 3850?


The Cisco Catalyst 3650 is the generation next stackable access-layer and enterprise-class standalone switches that provides the structure for total convergence between cordless and wired on a single system. The 3650 Series is built on the sophisticated Cisco StackWise® -160, as well as capitalizes on the new Cisco UADP application-specific incorporated circuit or ASIC. This button can make it possible for uniform wired-wireless policy enforcement, flexibility, application visibility, application optimization, as well as exceptional resiliency. The 3650 Collection switches over support full IEEE 802.3 at Power over Ethernet Plus or PoE+, UPOE on the Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series multigig a bit buttons and supply modular and field-replaceable redundant fans, as well as power materials. The 3650 Collection switches additionally are available in a 12-inch reduced deepness kind variable to make sure that you can deploy them in tight circuitry closets in remote branches, as well as offices where the depth of the button is a worry. In addition, the 3650 multigigabit buttons sustain existing, as well as next-generation cordless rates, as well as criteria, including 802.11 air conditioner Wave 2 on existing cabling infrastructure. The 3650 Series switches over aid to enhance wireless productivity and minimize TCO.

Each Cisco Catalyst 3650 switch/stack can operate as the cordless controller in two settings:

  • MA or Mobility agent: This is the default setting in which the Cisco Catalyst 3650 button ships. In this mode, the button can end the CAPWAP tunnels from the access factors and supplying cordless connectivity to cordless customers. Keeping wireless client data sources and configuring and implementing protection and QoS policies for cordless clients, as well as gain access to factors can be enforced in this setting. No extra certificate, in addition to IP Base, is called for to run in the flexibility representative mode.
  • MC or Movement controller: In this mode, the Cisco Driver 3650 button can do all the mobility agent tasks along with mobility synchronization, RRM, as well as Cisco CleanAir coordination within a movement subdomain. The mobility controller mode can be made it possible for on the switch CLI. IP Base license level is needed when the Cisco Catalyst 3650 button is acting as the wheelchair controller. A centrally located Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controller (WLC 5508), Cisco Wireless Provider Module 2 (WiSM2) (when running AireOS Variation 7.3), and Wireless LAN Controller 5760 can perform this role for bigger deployments.

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