What are Uses of Liquid Silicon Rubber?


When selecting products to produce important parts and elements, consider Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR).

Liquid silicone rubber’s chemical properties and characteristics make it a suitable product for applications spanning numerous different industry verticals.


The one-of-a-kind physical buildings of silicone rubber are a result of its chemical framework. Silicone rubber is an elastomer being composed mainly of a chain of particles called a siloxane bond (-Si-O-Si-). This chain is properly silicone rubber’s “backbone,” to which a selection of natural chemical teams can be included, modifying its mechanical and material attributes.

Silicone rubber is different from various other elastomers because of the strength of the siloxane bond. The carbon bonds binding energy is of 355 kJ/mol, the toughness of the siloxane bond is 433 kJ/mol. This adds to its better warmth resistance, chemical stability, and electrical insulation.

At the same time, silicone bonds additionally include reduced intermolecular pressures, which indicates that chemical teams affixed to them can rotate openly. Because of this, liquid silicone rubber possesses material buildings such as a high degree of flexibility as well as compressibility, in addition to water repellence as well as good release ability.


Numerous qualities of silicone rubber have different product properties. This versatility is among the reasons that LSR is utilized in so many varied applications. Whether you require a clinical- or food-grade item that uses remarkable resistance to germs or an automobile part that can endure too much warmth and resonance, liquid silicone’s mechanical residential properties make it an excellent starting point.

Secret material properties of silicone rubber consist of low compression and fast curing, its resistance to tearing, warmth, water and oil, its openness and electric conductivity, and its total toughness as well as lengthy life. You can use LSR at temperatures in between -100 ˚C as well as 200 ˚C, expose it to the wind, rain, and UV light for prolonged periods of time, or submerge it in water, oil, or solvents. The numerous qualities of LSR possess product properties that can withstand one of the most demanding applications.

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