Think before you buy besic electric equipment


It is evident that little to no thinking is  given when choosing basic electrical supplies like sockets and plug (เต้าเสียบ which is the term in Thai)  compared to buying bigger electronic appliances and gadgets and machinery. It is evident because as per the fire department reports from Thailand most of the house fire incidents occur due to the absence of good quality plugs and sockets or because of faulty ones. But when you are to buy these basic electrical supplies you need to keep in more two things. First, though it may seem irrelevant to what type of plugs or sockets you buy but remember they act as the first line of defense to your electronic appliances in case of an emergency such as voltage surges or frequent fluctuations. Secondly, the manufactures may misguide you into buying a mediocre product but you need to look for the best yourself.

What are the qualities of basic electric necessities

So first you need to understand what are the must have qualities of a good for example a 3 socket plug (เต้าเสียบ เต้ารับ , which is the term in Thai). When out to buy a good quality 3 socket plug first thing you need to take into account is that the material of the socket plug should be of AVC type rather than PVC type. Then you need to see whether or not the socket has a dedicated earthing point. Earthing point is important because, in times of lightning and voltage surege, it is the earthing wire that saves you home from catching fire in the first place. Then you need to make sure that the sockets and plugs are water-resistant as well. And only you find a 3 socket plug that checks all these criteria then only go on buying it.

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