Things to do in the Desert Safari Dubai



If you are planning to visit any city for your holidays, Dubai is the city you should go to. And you won’t regret it! Dubai is a city which is on the Persian Gulf shoreline of the Arabian Peninsula. It might not have a lot of trees and greenery. Yet the striking desert scene of the Desert Safari Dubai is a miracle to see and enjoy. The huge and monstrous Arabian desert that encompasses Dubai, the Persian Gulf and the neighboring Hajar Mountains give the inhabitants of Dubai with enough roads to try out their adventurous side.

It can be Desert Safari Dubai, Deep sea fishing, Mountain biking or Dune bashing. You can experience and enjoy any type of activity that you like the most at the Desert Safari Dubai. These different and very interesting activities are wildly popular, and they have full-fledged with the popularity.

If you are visiting the emirate for a couple of days and would love to do something outside of the charm filled indulgences that Dubai has turned out to be well known for. With Skyland tourism you can try all these very different things that Dubai has to offer. These very different experiences will extinguish your thirst of adventure.

A few of the things you can do in your Desert Safari Dubai, that will help you plan your trip have been discussed below.

Embark on the Desert Safari trip and Enjoy riding the dunes

You may not experience anything like the Desert Safari Dubai again. The thrill, the adventure and the adrenaline rush! Just take the back seat (except if you like to sit at the front of your four-wheeled drive) and hang on tight. Your very experienced and talented driver whips you around the sand dunes, wavering on the edge of apparently sheer drops, before plunging down sandy slants and taking you back up once more.

There are two or three stops for dusk photographs so can you can enjoy properly while taking a lot of pictures to save your memories. Before you’re whisked away to a customary style Bedouin camp, where an Arabic styled buffer supper is placed for you.

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An off-road adventure with Quad biking

With Skyland tourism you can come visit Dubai’s most well-known Sand Dune, called the ‘Big Red’, where you can bounce on a quad bike and explore the sandy Desert Safari Dubai yourself. It gets better, it is accessible to hire the Quad bikes for about half an hour.

The quad bicycles are very fast, and a protective helmet must be worn while riding them. You can pursue the normal trail of the Dunes, kicking sand on your riders as you tear pass them, and skip over Dubai’s most famous patch of sand. Big Red, or Al Hamar are the names it is known by. It is anything but difficult to spot along the Dubai-Hatta (E44) highway.

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