Smartphone Water Damage – What To Do?


Smartphones and water make a combination that rarely ends well. Before your cell phone is seriously damaged or completely refuses to work, keeping it away from water is better. But what if it’s too late? Here you can find out what you can do in the event of water damage or you can also visit sites like Movical for more information on it.

First Steps After The Water Damage On The Smartphone

If the smartphone has already come into contact with too much water, this can result in the device no longer working at all. If the mobile phone no longer reacts, it should be switched off as soon as possible. Repeated switching on can intensify the damage and make repairs more expensive. With a little luck, the device will work again as soon as the water has naturally evaporated. A trick can help here: Putting the cell phone in a glass with rice will soak up the liquid. The procedure should be given one to two days. In any case, it is advisable not to overuse the cell phone if there is an obvious defect. A replacement device is temporarily the smarter choice.

Water Damage: Repair By An Independent Specialist

Water damage is always your fault, which is why the manufacturer’s guarantee does not apply in these cases. Various mobile phone repair shops can repair smartphones with water damage. Since this is a fairly common defect, the employees of these service providers often have a lot of experience in dealing with this damage. Since a cost estimate is practically always one of the services offered by these companies, it is also very easy to draw up a short invoice: Is it cheaper to buy a new model, or is it worth repairing? The result can, of course, turn out to be very tight, especially with devices in the inexpensive mid-range.

Prevention Is The Best Method

It makes sense not to let the smartphone come into contact with water in the first place. That means: Particular caution is required in environments that traditionally get wet, such as in the kitchen or the bathroom. A cheap protective cover can often prevent the worst.