Sir Roger Moore’s Greatest Cars

roger moore cars

When it was time for Sean Connery to be dismissed as 007, nobody really knew of such a man who could replace the Scottish icon.

Tall, suave and just plain cool. He alongside George Lazenby, was one of the greatest Bond actors ever!

Until Sir Roger Moore came along…

From Live and Let Die’s release in 1973, James Bond had an all new image.  This time, he became even more suave and sophisticated!

Unfortunately, earlier this week: Sir Roger had lost his small battle with cancer, and lost his life.

We’re all deeply saddened by this. So let’s look back at his greatest hits with cars!


1. Volvo P1800 – The Saint

roger moore cars
Such a cool detective!

Roger Moore’s recognisable life with cars starts with Sweden’s answer to the Ford Capri.

Not once did we ever see Roger driving a dull car, they were always either cool or used in cool ways!

And The Saint proved that crime shows in London didn’t need to be fulfilled with grey Triumphs and red Austin Maxis.

So while he didn’t play Bond, he played the serious-faced Simon Templar while rushing to crime scenes in this lovely Volvo!

2. Aston Martin DBS V8 – The Persuaders

roger moore cars
This scene was quite intoxicating!

It wasn’t just The Saint into which Sir Roger played outside of Bond either!  Oh no, he also acted as a thrusting playboy in a mustard version of the car George Lazenby had…

The DBS is arguably the most STUNNING of Roger Moore’s cars.

Even without the gorgeous olive green paint, this car still brings strong pornography to the eyes, and an orgasm to the ears.

Small wonder then, that the producers chose the DBS for Roger for the series.

3. 1973 Chevrolet Impala ‘Yellow Cab’ – Live And Let Die

roger moore cars
In case you’ve not seen the film, the driver was shot…

So eventually, when Sir Roger was signed up to play 007.  We first saw him at his flat, when M came for a cup of Coffee at 5am…

Things seemed fairly normal compared to Connery, until he landed in NYC.

By then, he jumped into the back of an Impala and steered for dear life, after the driver was assassinated by a henchmen in a modified Cadillac.

Short, but scary.  This was one of the tensest scenes that Roger must’ve acted in terms of cars!


4. A Speedboat – Live And Let Die

roger moore cars
Although there’s no car chases in this film, there’s one heck of a boat chase!

Okay, strictly speaking this isn’t a car as such.  It’s actually a Challenger Hellcat.

ANYWAYS, with stupidly cool jumps and mental explosions and crashes.  You can forgive the fact that Roger Moore doesn’t drive cars in this scene.

Think- can you do a kangaroo from river, to land, and then back to river again?  (Whilst interrupting a wedding)  No, I didn’t think so!


5. AMC Hornet – The Man With The Golden Gun

roger moore cars
The first stunt to be calculated by a computer!

What would you do if your girlfriend got thrown into the boot of a millionaire hit-man’s car?  Call the police?

You could do that, but 007 definitely didn’t!

Instead, he set pursuit in a brand new Hornet and pulled off the most incredible stunt the world had ever seen!

The barrel roll is one of the most iconic stunts in film history, never mind the greatest in Roger Moore’s films!


6. Lotus Esprit S1 – The Spy Who Loved Me

roger moore cars
Mesmerising scene where Roger was recognised!

If Roger Moore’s cars as James Bond weren’t going to consist as Aston Martins, then clearly, something else had to be done.

And so, once upon a time: a man parked a prototype Esprit outside Pinewood Studios, and then ended up under the seas of Sardinia.

The submarine Lotus is amongst one of the most iconic Bond cars ever made!  And so Roger’s automotive iconography laid comfortably with Lotus instead of Aston.


7. Hispano-Suiza J12 Cabriolet – Moonraker

roger moore cars
Short, but sweet screening.

Sometimes, Roger Moore’s cars need to be toned down from all the action once in a while.

So he must’ve been pleased to hear the director say; “I want you to get into the Suzia and chill out!”

It may only have been a short drive down a bit of land, but my word is it a beautiful car!  This or a Speed Six Bentley?  I’ve made my decision.


8. Citroen 2CV – For Your Eyes Only

roger moore cars
Probably the most crashy of all the Bond car chases…

Have you ever had your brand new Lotus Esprit Turbo blown up by it’s own anti-theft device?

And do you know that moment, where you’re in a battered 2CV, and jump over the roof of a Peugeot 504 and then just say; “I love a drive in the country, don’t you?”

No? Okay then…  Well Roger Moore has and while this may be his least powerful car, he acted in a mental getaway from some noobs in a couple of Peugeots.

My personal favourite Bond car chase!   Roger Moore himself said one time, that the 2CV was his favourite car as James Bond!


9. Another Lotus Esprit (this time a turbo) – For Your Eyes Only

roger moore cars
Lotus brand being showcased again.

While doing business in the Italian ski resort, once again we see Roger Moore driving a Lotus!  A brown Esprit Turbo S3 to be precise.

This car was barely used apart from parking up to a local ice rink.  And while there’s no action, Roger Moore’s car iconography is proven to be solid!

And with the skis strapped on the back, and with those lovely gold rims.  Isn’t this one of the sexiest cars Roger has had?


10. Mercedes Benz 250SE W108 – Octopussy

roger moore cars
How to make your car go like a train.

What would you expect a General’s Merc to be driven like?  Smoothly? Slowly? With care?

Yeah, you’d be wrong…

007 literally nicked this Benz to pursue a nuclear bomb due to go off at a circus over the West German boarder.

And so Sir Roger proved that you can cross the Soviet-U.S boarder by driving a 250SE…. on some railway lines!

Old Mercs are bulletproof, literally!  All those bullet shot holes in the scene and it was a train that killed it!


11. Alfa Romeo GTV6 – Octopussy

roger moore cars
Fabulous car. As pretty as it is glorious to listen to!

With the Mercedes drowned, Bond desperately had to get another car to reach the circus.

And Roger Moore’s cars were about to get glorious, as he raced in West Germany in an Alfa GTV-6!

It’s fair to say that his time in this car is amongst the underrated and forgotten pile.  But really, it’s one we should all remember.

Arguably, Roger’s time with the GTV-6 kind of hearts back to when he was driving that P1800 in the saint.  There’s that sense of the car being a working class hero.


12. Renault 11 Taxi – A View To a Kill

roger moore cars
“Oh no! My car! OH! My car! OH!”

I’m sure alongside Roger, that many tourists have taken taxis around Paris and climbed the Eiffel Tower.

Then again, this being Bond, it’s not all that easy…

This Renault 11 (now a very rare car) was taken from a Frenchman and then smashed and sliced like a cake!

As you might’ve noticed, Roger Moore is known for acting in Bond films which like to smash cars up.  And this scene where he’s chasing an assassin, is no exception.

Not an iconic Bond car, but certainly an iconic Roger Moore scene!


13. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud – A View To a Kill

roger moore cars
Horse power vs Horsepower!

Like the coach-built Hispano-Suiza in Moonraker, Bond is summoned to a majestic and expensive private yacht.

The Silver Cloud perfectly symbolises just how suave and sophisticated Roger Moore was.  Both as an actor and in person.

And this car got it’s recognition after it was pushed into a lake, and Bond had to capture air from the Roller’s tyres.  Sinking feeling much?


14. Aston Martin DB5 – The Cannonball Run

roger moore cars
He isn’t actually Bond in this, he’s just pretending to be…

With Roger now retired as Bond and the much tougher Timothy Dalton taking his place, he still can’t get over his legacy as his role as 007 in the spoof car race film: The Cannonball Run.

It’s postmodern acting that happens here, and the parody DB5 shows.

From the ejector seat reference to his overly exaggerated tone in voice, Roger Moore finally secures himself (in theory) with the Aston Martin brand!



So that’s the list of the greatest cars of Sir Roger Moore (R.I.P – October 27th 1927 – May 23rd 2017)

Is anything missing?  Please let us know below!

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