Signs You Need To Change Your Convertible’s Canvas Top


So, you’re driving a convertible. You’re one of the coolest guys around your neighborhood. But over time, you start to notice that your convertible’s canvas top is now showing signs of discoloration. Not cool, isn’t it?

Like any other Mercedes Benz interior parts, your convertible top is subject to wear and tear. And at some point, you would need to have it changed to keep it functional and good-looking.

In this blog, we’re giving your eight tell-tale signs that you need a new convertible top ASAP.

It has discoloration. Who would want to have a convertible canvas top that already has discoloration? If you’ve got one, it’s time to replace it with a new fabric or another type of material like vinyl. Most manufacturers have a 3- to 6-year warranty that can help you get a new top for free or at a lower price.

It has a hole (or holes). Having a hole or holes in your convertible’s canvas top is a no-no. It doesn’t only serve as an eyesore (if it’s located in a highly-visible-to-the-crowd spot), it also poses a danger to the integrity of your vehicle’s interior. It also significantly decreases the resale value of your car.

It pulls at the seams. Typically, convertible top seams are heat-sealed. If they are in good running condition, there should be no pulls or signs of stress at the seams. Check for pulls when your top is in the up position, down position, and when it’s in the raising and lowering process. Like any Mercedes Benz interior parts that have been damaged, your top should also be replaced immediately.

It has mold or mildew growth. Mold or mildew is dangerous for one’s health. Whether it has grown in the interior or exterior part of your car, it should be addressed as soon as possible. If it’s your convertible canvas top that has been damaged, it should be cleaned with proper agents. Better yet, have it replaced if the presence is too much already.

It is already sagging. Though this can be a symptom of a top frame that has not been properly installed, it can also indicate that your convertible’s canvas top is already old or way past its shelf life. When your frame becomes properly installed and there’s still sagging, it’s high time to have your top replaced.

Its frame is rusting. The rust won’t only damage the frame but the canvas top as well. It will lead to discoloration, sagging, and tear. Once you detect that there’s rusting in your frame, you should have it repaired by a professional and have your canvas top changed as well.

It leads water into your car. Sometimes, your top has damages that aren’t easily seen — like seal gaps and stresses on the seam. These issues can lead to moisture and the presence of water inside your car. To avoid incurring additional repair costs (especially for potentially damaged Mercedes Benz interior parts), you should have your top changed already.

It produces excessive sound. Owners of convertible cars will attest that they hear more road noise compared with other traditional automobiles. However, if the sound is too excessive, it can indicate that your top is already screaming for replacement.

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