Rolls Royce Review – Pure Class, Pure Prestige…but at a Price… (Obviously…)

White Rolls Royce Phantom REVIEW

'RR' Rollls Royce Badge on Front Grille


Let’s just start of with the basics:
This was the first car where I had decided to not to start reviewing it from the front, but to start reviewing it form the back. I immediately got into the back seat and got one of my Revving – It – Daily colleagues to drive the car around London. – Where we are based. And one more thing -It’s a Rolls Royce. This is a type of car that you won’t need to explain to your haters , enemies or fellow petrol-heads. They know what that sprit of ecstasy is all about , how it disappears when locked to protect it from vandals, to how it glorifies the prestigious brand of Rolls Royce.

And yes of course – It is comfortably Luxurious. 

The Ride:
When I say comfortable – I mean as if you are sitting on a super king bed and are just gliding along the road. From the back, the car doesn’t feel as though it has wheels – instead it just hovers over bumps and potholes of London. We went down a cobbled street in East London and while other cars – which are known for comfort like the Jag XJ – would lurch and make you move about in your car like your having an epileptic seizure, the Rolls-Royce just smoothly drove over the road like it was tarmac and not a street designed for horses. This made me so surprised that I had to actually open the door and check that the road we was on was cobbled. Then close the door again – looking like a boss as I pressed the “door close” button (automatically closes the door for you) instead of – like a rural simpleton –  reaching out and closing the door with “my hand.”

Another interesting fact of this car was that while my colleague was driving the car during this time – he noticed a “power reserve indicator”. Rolls-Royce “classy” way of stating the revs of the engine. At this point the car had 90% of the engine still left to be used. You know – For when the “Chauffeur” needs to get you away from the “middle-class citizens”. 
The Interior:
You can describe it in just one word. Simple. Other luxury cars have millions of buttons to the point where even the person that designed the interior does not know how to change the seat arrangement of the car. . But in this, it’s simple. In fact, even the gears were simple. It was like something out of a kids bike! There was forwards (Drive) Try – to – Stop (Neutral) and Backwards (Reverse.) It was just so simple!

At the back as soon as you sit down there is a button just to the side of you next to some art decor woodwork. That button closes the door – (because people can’t be arsed to do it themselves.) There is wonderful shag pile carpets– which is pretty useless to me bearing the fact I wear shoes in my cars (So does pretty much everyone else – Rolls Royce didn’t think that through- did they?). The woodwork is like other woodwork – that is it’s made of wood. But the leather seating I believe is actually too hyped up in a rolls royce car. It’s good, but flipping hell it’s not made out of diamond! The seats are incredibly comfortable however and all in all it’s a nice place to be. Oh yeah – theres also plenty of space in the back so you don’t actually have to saw of your legs to fit in the car. (Most buyers probably have already sold their legs to pay for the car.) As prices start at around £280,000.00

Rolls Royce Interior
The Drive:

After I took the front seat, I decided to take the car on to the motorway and then some country roads. Even though it has a huge 6.7L engine. It’s actually quite refined. The car is incredibly silent for such a big car engine – not to the point is is like an electric car of course but it just sort of, well from the inside like a whooshing sound. That paired, with the glorious looks, meant that I got many admiring looks while driving along the M25. Then while at the countryside, I spotted an old air runway that probably was for WWII. And I did what I shouldn’t have done.

I used the car on the track. and it was Brilliant. 0-60mph was actually quite fast as stats show it is 5.7 seconds, and it has a top speed of 149mph yet from inside the car it never felt fast like it would do in other cars. It seemed as if I was driving in 40mph and I was still in bed!  Although the car is slower to other sports and supercars – you do have to remember there is more focus on comfort and luxury – something they have definitely done well. Furthermore, The car does do an incredible amount of effort to actually move the car when I stuck it round a bend. It was like I was driving a bus! Literally when I went into the corner – I could feel the Rolls working incredibly hard to shift it’s 2.6 tonnes of weight. But when it righted itself, you hear the silent engine give a little hum as you foot steps on the accelerator and the car blasts you into kingdom come. So the drive is good. Not sporty –  but we’re glad it isn’t or else it would be like other cars where the comfort of our spines suffer.

The Exterior:
It does look a bit vulgar as does it’s price tag. But my god have they thought it through. The car looks lovely and not like many other cars of the modern world where they are styled based on aerodynamics. The shape of this car is more like a PS4, a bit boxy if you understand what I mean. However it is exquisitely done, the car although it is 18 miles long, and really hard to park ( I asked my mum to park the Rolls and she almost crashed the car into a brick wall, giving me a simultaneous heart attack). The lights and wheels are done in a lovely manner – the wheels especially, as they do not seem to move while you drive – confirming to everyone else who watches you drive the car, that you are part of the illuminati and can perform black magic. Finally the doors. Usually I’m not interested in the doors unless they’re made of saffron and can make the car fly, but Rolls Royce, although it doesn’t have flying doors – the doors do open outwards? (the alternate way to most of the current cars). This just shows how Rolls Royce thinks about everything. From the 16 mile long aluminium brushed bonnet of the car – to the door handles on the outside of the car and how they should look.
Rolls Royce have done a good job on this car. A very good job.
White Rolls Royce from the Back
Any Bad Points?
The only thing that Rolls Royce did not well on was the price. In actual fact they were terrible at that. Approximately – Prices start at around £283,000. And that’s before the extras. So if you want to buy this car, I know a really nice bank we could rob together…
Oh Yeah. One more Thing. It’s NOT British.
While other cars are built from start to finish in their respective countries. Britain couldn’t even be bothered to do that. Although the chief engineer and the design and the assembly is British or done in the UK. The parts and all the logistics was done by the germans at BMW. In fact even the cows that make up the leather in the car – came from a flock in Germany. I mean I’m just saying, why? why not try, I mean at least make sure the cows are British. Our cows are okay right? I mean their milk tastes good…
So technically we the UK, cannot claim this car to be our own. But that won’t stop us from using it in heated car guy debates of course !
To Conclude:
A brilliant car. Brilliance, class and prestige all rolled into one. But comes with a very hefty “German (Not British- that is)” price tag. But if you have the money – Buy It!

Engine: 6749cc, V12
Power: 453bhp @ 5350rpm
Torque:460 lb ft @ 5350rpm
Acceleration:0-60mph in 5.6seconds
Top Speed:149mph
Fuel: 18.9mpg combined (Quite surprising in my opinion – which such a huge engine…)
CO2: 349g/km (But no one cares about global warming)

R.I.D Verdict: 9.0 out of 10.

Author – Monahim

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