Language a method of communication:


Language is a method of communication with others. If there is no language then how can one communicate with others. And how will someone express their views and opinion to others if there is no language? Language is a very important thing for every human being. If there is no language then no one knows we can still be in cave life. And that is why language is important for children to older people. Only by the language one can understand someone’s feeling. If there is no language then there is no way to communicate with others.

Because no one has the ability to read the minds. So, that makes the language more important. To understand what another person is trying to say. And what the thing means when someone says anything. Because everything that someone says or send someone it has the language in it. Without language nothing can be imagined.

Languages are taught at an early stage

Language is something that is taught to a child at an early stage. Like every parent teaches their children the first word is to say, Mumma and Papa. So, suppose if there is no language then how the baby will address to their parents. By gesture or something else but that thing is enough to say the feelings. No, it isn’t. That is why language is necessary for everyone. That is why Teach kids languages [สอน ภาษา เด็ก, which is the term in Thai] first and after that teach them manners.

Always teach the children their native language

The native language is always necessary for each and every people. It shows which part of the country they belong to. And that should not be forgotten by anyone that where they come from. So, always teach your children the native language first.