How rummy points can earn you more than your work bonus?


In today’s time, expenses are double-crossing income. This is the reason the single earner concept has taken down by many families and more members in the family earn to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

When life has become hectic financially, online games have offered a platform for many individuals to make extra money. If you are interested in the risk-taking world of rummy, one of the best ways is to earn extra money by winning rummy points.

Whether you play the game at office breaks or during traveling or after coming back home, your consistent practice can surely help you earn extra pennies that are much higher than your work bonus.

Rummy points offering you more than your work bonus

An average individual gets an increment of 10% – 20% in the salary package yearly. Due to the competition and extreme budgetary strictness at times, employees in many companies have also noticed a hike of mere 2% even rubbing soles day and night. The same situation is in case of the annual bonus too for a few companies.

Playing rummy has offered an alternative to these individuals who wish to stay in a secure job while also wish to earn extra and more than the work bonus. You just need to know the right way and you can start earning right away.

  • Getting registered in the right site:

The most important thing is to get registered with the right site. There are a number of sites available today that offer you to play rummy online. But you should search for the site that is genuine and that can offer you a good amount of opportunities in earning rummy points for the games that you are playing. Go through the reviews of the sites well and do your research before getting the app installed on your phone.

  • Practice will make you perfect:

After you have got registered with the right site, it is time to get started. It is always a great idea to start with the practice sessions first. There are a number of sites that offer free games for practice so that you can master the game first before you jump into the real cash tournaments. Make use of these practice sessions so that you can get confident and then start winning games.

  • Participate for big rewards:

Rummy sites announce big bonus rewards from time to time. This can be a daily, weekly or monthly bonus. Also, there are big cash rewards on different occasions such as festivals and special days. Do not miss out on these opportunities. You can actually win big cash or physical rewards if you win these tournaments or bonus games.


Rummy is no more just a means of entertainment today. It has taken a flight higher now as it offers a huge amount of rewards to the players. The rummy points that the players earn can actually make them grab good cash rewards that are much more than their salary and work bonus. Just play in the right place and in the right way to earn well.