For easy and quick makeup use cushion:


Not everyone has the time to do the makeup. Yes, when someone is going to the party then it requires are good makeup. But it is not that necessary when someone goes to office and in their day to day uses. Then normal makeup is fine. And, for that one needs less time than the full makeup. Because a full makeup requires at least minutes. And, while going to office not everyone can spend minutes on the makeup. That is why it is necessary to apply the makeup which can be applied on the face in just minutes. And, for that one can use Cushion [คุ ชั่ , which is the term in Thai] in their day to day use.

The cushion is used for light and medium type of foundation for the face. And it can be applied in just five minutes. So, it is better to use this thing before going to office.

 No heavy makeup is required in the office

If someone is an office going person or even in the day to day uses. No heavy makeup is required in day to day life. Normal makeup is essential for anyone’s day to day uses. And, the cushion is the best solution for this thing. Because heavy makeup requires more time, and people don’t have that much time before going to office. Nor it is needed to apply heavy makeup in the office. Then why not use the simple makeup and make the skin more glow.

The cushion can save a lot of time

With the help of cushion, one can save of lot of time in their day to day makeup. Just apply the cushion in five minutes. And get a glowing skin that is forever ready for the office. So, just use cushion to save time.