Unusual ‘Castle Find’ Collection Of 12 Rare Cars Is Up For Grabs

castle find cars

Who else loves a good barn find?  Unearthing a car that’s been forgotten for decades is one of life’s coolest things to a petrolhead. 

But if you’re struggling to find a rare Ferrari or Porsche on your travels, you might want to check out your local palaces and castles…

You see, this castle in Belgium may look like an unassuming rich man’s tea room, but a week ago, 12 classic cars have been found in it!  And they haven’t seen the light of day for decades! 

So let’s take a look at the castle find cars that will be auctioned (with no reserve) at the Bonhams Spa classic auctions in May- 


Mercedes 300SL Roadster- Unpredictable Price

castle find cars
An estimated price hasn’t been predicted yet.

Launched as a convertible version of the gorgeous Gullwing, the 300SL Roadster is one of the world’s most valuable cars.  Which is why nobody has any idea of what price this thing will go for! 

Bear in mind, it’s been sitting for ages- so it could go low, or maybe high due to the rarity!   Comment what you think the most desirable of the castle find cars, will go for!


Rolls Royce 50hp Silver Ghost Double Phaeton-  £520,000- £690,000

castle find cars
Quite expensive for a second hand Roller…

Coach-built cars tend to be ultra rare, millionaires of yesteryear had an engine and chassis, and had to get it uniquely bodied to make their Rolls stand out from the crowd. 

And this castle find Rolls is expected to go for big bucks!  Twice as much as a top spec Wraith to be precise…


Maserati Ghibli SS- £86,000-£130,000

castle find cars
Pretty car, pretty cheap!

Although it didn’t quite light the candle as well as the Ferrari Daytona or Lamborghini Miura, the Ghibli was still one of the fastest cars in the world when launched in 1967.  

Even still, despite this one being a non runner, that’s still pretty good value for a castle find Maser!   And it’s a damn gorgeous shape to have on your driveway as well! 


Aston Martin V8 Volante-  £78,000- £120,000

castle find cars
A lopey V8 cruiser is also available.

If you’re not a fan of foreign cars, and if you think that sausages are too German. Then this drop-top Aston is up for grabs! 

This British castle find car is fitted with a rare 5-speed manual. (Most had autos)  And a soundtrack which is guaranteed to get you laid! 

It may handle like it’s a bit drunk, but that’s the whole appeal of an old Aston, luxury cruiser, NOT a hardcore supercar. 


Rolls Royce Phantom II- £69,000-£100,000

castle find cars
Extremely good value compared to that Double Phaeton XD

You could argue that this ’30s Phantom has SO much more style and character than (the now deceased) modern one.   The Indian Maharajahs ordered tonnes of old Rollers back in the days of old, they LOVED their reliability and luxury.  

I agree, the rear end of this looks like it’s come straight from a Venice yacht!  And a sub-hundred grand asking price is actually quite decent, considering the amount of style and luxury you get with this thing! 

Only you’ll just have to get it running…


Lamborghini Espada Series 2-  £60,000- £95,000

castle find cars
The last proper grand touring Lambo.

If you prefer to be chased by angry bulls, then there’s a Lamborghini on offer!  It’s an incredibly sleek Espada S2. 

With just over 1200 of these glorious V12 brutes built, it was lucky that this astonishing castle find was unearthed!

And unlike modern Lambos, this GT cruiser had an incredibly luxurious interior, inspired from Italy’s opera theatres….apparently…

And it’s creator had a very fascinating story. Read this article for more!


Maserati Indy America- £43,000-£69,000

castle find cars
Is it me, or does this look like a Bora from the rear?

If that fabulous Ghibli SS was too expensive for you, then why not have this Indy instead?  In fact, come to think of it- instead of a new BMW M3, you could have a castle find Maserati!  

Not only is this castle find car pretty, but it’s also something of a rare sight.  So reconsider your car buying choices! 

Don’t whatever you do, buy THIS Maserati.


Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12- £34,000-£60,000

castle find cars
Over 70,000 E-Types were made, but that didn’t stop them from increasing in value…

The series 1 E-Type was described by Enzo Ferrari as; “The most beautiful car ever made.” 

And he was probably right, and the series 1 with the 3.8/4.2 litre straight six was a fabulous car to drive as well!  Shockingly quick, as well as bone-shiveringly exciting!  (I could go on for a while) 

But even if you’re in a good mood and are wearing your contact lenses, you have to admit that the V12 E-Type was pretty rubbish. 

Still, this castle find flop is up for sale for the same price as a second hand F-Type.  Worth it?


Maserati Quattroporte- £34,000-£60,000

castle find cars
This is THE car in the list, in which I would buy without hesitation!

There’s 2 things in life in which everybody wants to experience.  Intense sex, and a drive in a 4-door Maser. 

The Quattroporte was launched whilst being inspired by Italy’s new motorways.  And with a 4.7 litre V8 installed, it became a 158mph mafia transporter! 

This was possibly the car in which the castle owner intimidated peasants with!  And now that it’s become a castle find car, it’s yours for quite a low price!  All you need, is an oil change, and a new battery. 

And the Quattroporte was a game changer, much like these other cars. (Click link)


Jaguar E-Type Series 2- £26,000-£42,000

castle find cars
Decent value for money, if you think about it.

The second generation E-Type didn’t have much changed to it mechanically, but the larger grille and headlight changes made it stand aside to the car it replaced. 

It was much less desirable than the series 1, which probably explains the hot hatchback asking price of this rather cool castle find.


Mercedes 500 SLC- £17,000-£26,000

castle find cars
If you want one of the best engineered cars of the 20th century, mixed with timeless style, look no further!

SL in truth terms, stands for ‘Sport Lightweight’ (translated from German).  But it should really stand for ‘Style Looker’, because the ’70s/’80s SL just hasn’t gone out of fashion! 

And this SLC coupe, with a mature 5.0 litre V8 under the bonnet, makes this a fabulous daily driver!  Old Mercs really can be used everyday!

So for potentially less than a new A-Class, you can have this timeless castle find car, and spend very little to get it running perfectly.  

And with a near-perfect condition interior, you’re pretty tempted aren’t you?  

Check out how owning an old Merc is totally worth it!


1973 Ford Mustang Convertible- £10,000-£15,000

castle find cars
The last of the cool Mustangs before the fuel crisis effect…

This 1973 Mustang is the last of the lazy V8 pony cars, before the fuel crisis murdered it’s appeal and reputation.

 If everything on this list has been too European for you, then why not consider this American road dream instead?  This particular one may have an automatic gearbox, but the asking price is a bit of a steal! 

Even though Mustangs are quite common, how often do you see one that hasn’t been in the light for decades?  And no topless stallion has ever been found in a castle before!  

The fuel crisis ruined many great cars, even today, most American cars are terrible rubbish. (Check out this article for my reasoning)


So which one of these castle find cars would YOU bid for?  Let us know in the comments!

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