2015 Audi RS4 Avant Review – Imperfectly Perfect…

2015 Audi RS4 Review

I was having a chat with my friend the other day during a quiet, free period in college. She says things that really tend to stick in your mind for a while, stuff that you can take on board throughout life. One of her best quotes that day was; “Nothing is ever perfect, but the more you appreciate things, they can nearly be perfect to you.”

I can understand that. I for example am writing this from the very latest windows 10 Laptop, with awesome features and a very fast startup time. Should be perfect right? Well not exactly, it ALWAYS has to update itself every 10 days or so, and watching videos on YouTube has more pixels than a ’90s sitcom on the Comedy Central channel. But the little perks and unexpected things make me love this PC, I’ve learnt my way around it’s faults and wouldn’t replace it for the world!

And this swiftly brings me onto a car I tested, the Audi RS4. A car in which looks perfect at first glance, and because of this, I was expecting a lot from it. So does it live up to these perfections?

A Forgiving Heart-


2015 Audi RS4 Review - The Engine


Powering this butch estate car is the last of it’s own kind, a 4.2 litre naturally aspirated V8 producing 450bhp and 317lb ft of torque. This is an engine which has powered fast Audis for over 20 years! (Granted with a few improvements here and there)
This is an icon of the automotive engine league, it revs up to OVER 8000rpm! This is no lazy V8, this is one of those in which it gets up and thinks; “Let’s go for it driver, come on!” Put your foot down and it sounds like a howling wildcat, lift off the throttle and you’ll be getting a low-tone grunt, a noise in which that wildcat slows down to hunt for it’s prey. This has to be one of the world’s greatest engines!

Then there’s the gearbox, a 7 speed DSG which is as sharp as a Swiss army knife! And it makes an EPIC sound while changing gears, downshift and you’ll be getting a noise which puts you in mind of a Tiger, sneezing out petrol, while extremely angry… (It’s such an intoxicating sound)

However, this car could really do with a bit more volume in the cabin. It’s more sophisticated from sitting in the cabin than I would’ve hoped, but then again, this is not a supercar. This engine is designed to be nice and subtle when the owner is crawling back into the posh suburban neighborhood. To make sure nobody is disturbed.

It’s not just the glorious noise which turns you on either-

Unlike rivals such as the Mercedes C63 AMG and the BMW M3, the RS4 has AWD. So no matter the weather, or the speed you’re cruising at. When you want some noise, this car pulls like it’s spinning the earth in the opposite direction. This is one torque-obsessed engine, despite the lack of forced induction, the RS4 really picks up the pace! You’ll totally believe the 0-60 time of 4.7 seconds without hesitation.
This is a fast car, there’s no arguing there! Although it’s only a fraction quicker to 60 than it’s grandfather, the old RS2, the top speed is only 12mph higher at 174. Surely the whole point of a successor is that it’s meant to be much better in every way? Audi should’ve perhaps made the RS4 insanely fast, like an RS car should! Take the RS6 performance for example, that’ll top 60mph fast enough to challenge almost ANY Ferrari!

But glossing over these tiny little faults, the engine and performance of the RS4 is highly impressive. Yes, it’s not quite the raw V8 hot rod you might have in mind, and it’s not much faster than it’s predecessors. But you can forgive this car, you can appreciate the fact it’s subtle and quiet. Because wouldn’t that be awesome for a daily driver? Plus when you do want fun and games, just push the lever into sport and enjoy the bliss! The noise, the pull, the whole atmosphere of this car is just wonderful. You have to try this car to believe me! 

Styling- Takes Some Appreciating-


2015 Audi RS4 Estate REVIEW


Now I’m going to get straight to the point with this, despite this being based off the A4, which isn’t exactly much of a looker itself. You have to say, in RS form, it looks great!
The 20 inch alloy wheels combined with the achingly wide tyres, make the road feel threatened. Although (rather stupidly) the 2 rear exhaust pipes are actually frauds (because there’s the actual tailpipes hidden inside them) they’re about as wide as the entrance to the channel tunnel, which is awesome!
Also, the aggressive body panels give this car a real sense of confidence and ego about it, the DTM style wheel arches are effectively Dwayne Johnson’s shoulders! And the rear bumper and diffuser? That’s like saying the RS4 has the rear end of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider!

Glossing over the comparisons, this car has the epic combination of butch masculine muscles, and sexy feminine curves. (Am I allowed to say that about a car?) The RS4 is insanely good to look at, and yet it’s following the engine’s trend of punch, yet subtlety. This isn’t the kind of car in which you’d instantly recognize as a super-fast, V8 road runner. The RS4 is in the rare breed of performance cars. Glance once; “Blue Audi” Look again; “Oh my, that’s an RS4!”

When I first came across this car, while walking in an enormous warehouse full of other fresh new Audis, the RS4 didn’t stand out quite so much alongside the S3 and the A7 in which were parked next to it. However, bring it out into the daylight and you start to appreciate it’s subtle profile. This isn’t a car in which would be bought by Lamborghini owners, so it doesn’t need to look crazy. It looks fabulous as a more exclusive estate, which really made this car worth it’s £55,000 asking price. (Before it ended production of course)

You Just Have To Sit Inside, To Appreciate The Interior-


2015 Audi RS4 Avant Interior


Just like the outside then, the interior is a pumped up version of the A4. But don’t be so defeatist over that! Because it’s the little things, that make the RS4 such a lovely place to be.

Chief among which is the SHEER quality of the place! The leather, the materials, the overall feel of the thing feels so prestige and high end. You really do feel like Audi have really gone to town with this interior, in fact, maybe they went to 3 different towns and only chose the best things to put in the RS4.
It’s a good job that this is a powerful car, because you’d really want to spend all of your time in these fabulous bucket seats! The car I tested had the most expensive seat options, full leather and the sexiest design possible. They hugged me in very confidently, a bit like a handshake from your best uncle. They’re firm, but comfortable at the same time. Exactly how an RS car should feel like!

However, there are a few annoying things. One of which is, every time you start up the engine, you get a a bonging sound to tell you that you’re not wearing your seat belt. I think I know when it’s not on thank you very much. Then there’s the positioning of the key, which can easily be hit when you’re about to adjust the air vents.

But apart from those little imperfections, the RS4’s interior is really a place in which I was used to! I was sad to have climbed out of that car, and realized that I couldn’t take it home. Any family with even a slight passion for cars, would’ve loved the RS4! It’s comfortable, it’s features inside are simple to use. And there’s a decent amount of space within the cabin, it even has a large boot! Perfect for family holidays.

You just have to sit in this car’s ultra plush, but subtle interior to fully appreciate it. Even if it does block out the V8 soundtrack a bit.

What Is This Car Then?-


RS4 2015 Review


Well, as I said in the beginning, there is no such thing as perfection, but appreciating the little things, can make something perfect to you. Which is my thoughts exactly on the RS4.

This car isn’t quite what I had expected, I was waiting to experience a loud V8 German muscle estate. I was expecting a faultless cabin, and an overall fantastic drive! 
The car wasn’t that loud, but I appreciated that when it came to thinking about what kind of use these cars have. After my ride, I instantly changed my perspective slightly on the RS4, it’s meant to be subtle, quiet, comfortable too. But yet blooming quick when you need to get a move on! 

The 4.2 litre V8 too, it’s wonderfully smooth! And it shouts to let poorer 2.0 litre TDI drivers know, that you’re more successful than them! And let’s not forget that the RS4 is one of the last cars to have been fitted with this engine, Audi are never going to make an N/A V8 ever again. (Cue the crying) What a shame… 
It’s also a shame that I and my colleague managed to average 14.5mpg during our drive. Mind you, this can be EASILY forgiven considering the thought of the noise of this car! 

The handling of this car is brilliant as well! (Wait, allow me to explain) Of course, fast Audis have had a reputation of under-steering like pigs! But to get the best out of the RS4, it’s probably best to stay off the loud pedal while in the middle of a corner. Only smash it when you’re exiting! To assist this, 60% of the engine’s power is sent to the rear wheels, for better balance, but don’t think this’ll save you.
Drive it right, and this is a wonderfully balanced and sharp car through the corners. Drive it while cocky, then you’ll veer off…. 

But overall, the RS4 is not perfect for the old me. It was not meeting my initial expectations. However, after I began to appreciate this car after a while. I started to realise that despite the faults, I found myself really wanting to own this car! 
I want to own it for different reasons than before I experienced it. I’ve appreciated the faults, and the RS4 is perfect in my eyes! 

It takes getting used to, but this is one, imperfectly perfect and awesome car!  Audi RS4 Avant? 


Written by Aaron Hussein
So that was our review on the Audi RS4 Avant…
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