Audi R8 V10 Spyder – A Review For Dummies

audi r8 dummies

Love them, hate them, or just be inspired.  If you are in college right now, I can almost guarantee that you know some form of extremely smart and intelligent student.

Someone who is always first to volunteer for a presidential place in something they don’t actually do anything in, but it’ll for sure look good on their perfect CV.

You might also tend to notice that they know quite literally anything about everything!  Their brains are designed to make the rest of us look worthless…

But although one or two in school can be absolute bragging arse-wipes, those in college are far nicer!

Knowledge of these bright people simply boggles the mind, it’s not like a chav can explain a detailed history of the Chinese Qin dynasty from 221-206 BC, can they?  I mean that’s significant of the Great Wall of China!

audi r8 dummies
Fascinating history, to be fair.

The thing is though, despite the expandable knowledge of what these people know about things.  When it comes to cars, they sit and look as confused as a deer trying to wire a fuse.

It absolutely staggers me how little the smartest people know about cars!  Anything else, they can write a 5 million word essay on.  But with cars?  They’d give up after 3 characters…

I think it’s because they are taught by general education and the media, to think that cars are the main reason for their favourite animals are being killed in some bug-infested rain forest.

They will believe that electric cars are good.  But they have to realise that it’s far more polluting to source the materials and make a typical hybrid or electric car, than it was to make an old 1970s Cadillac.

Don’t even get me started on where all this electricity comes from….

audi r8 dummies
In short, it’s freaking awesome!

So a car like the Audi R8 V10 Spyder is seen as a plant killer to these students, you may imagine that it’ll only look good on Instagram, rather than the road.

But let me educate you non-car humans about the R8, by comparing it to what your parents probably ponder about in.  (Ford Fiesta, Mini Cooper etc. small cars).

First of all, speed:  You will look at this car and think it’s pretty fast.  And it is!   You can be standing still, and then when you press the accelerator, you will reach 60mph in just under 4 seconds.  Which is twice or three times as fast as the car you possibly ride in.

And it’s top speed is 197mph, which is much quicker than you’ll ever be able to go in Britain’s motorway system.  (But I reckon it’ll reach 200 😉

And you certainly feel the speed, you are thrown back against your seat, and your ears are fulfilled with the noise of that GLORIOUS 5.2 litre Lamborghini V10!  (Which is the engine).

Honestly, if you like good music, then you have to listen to this engine.  It’s one of the best to ever go on sale!   It’ll sound a damn site better than your mum’s car, that’s for sure!

audi r8 dummies
It’s very fast.

The engine is in the middle instead of the front, this is simply so the R8 is balanced better than a normal car, and so it can go around corners faster.

It also keeps the front nose low to the ground, so aerodynamics are better too.  You try saying that about your mum’s Ford Fiesta!

Mind you, the aerodynamics are good in theory.  Because I was sitting as low as I could, yet my eyes were just below the top of the windscreen.  I’m only 5ft 11, so anyone over 6 foot will nearly look like Noddy in their £100k supercar…

Then there’s legroom, it seems that the driver has a good 5 or 6 inches extra space for their feet, whereas the passenger has to curl up so their face isn’t hit by bees.

You’d also imagine that in a convertible, your perfect hair for appearing in front of students will be ruined.  And it will!

Even with a special wind deflector fitted, the wind at high speed managed to make an empty coke can fly straight out of the cup holder and into the atmosphere!!  (Which was scary…)

audi r8 dummies
The cabin was as simple as a marshmallow over a fire.

The interior of the R8 really isn’t that much different to your average car, surprisingly.  Everything is where you’d expect it to be, and very simply labelled.

If you want to turn up the radio, you twist a knob instead of swiping a hedgehogs testes.  Supercars tend to be as complicated as university physics, but the R8 was really like returning to primary spelling tests!

And in case you don’t know what a supercar is- it’s basically a fast car that’s loud, looks different to the norm and is seriously powerful.

Speaking of which, the engine in the R8 produces 520 brake horse power.  And to put that into perspective, that’s 4 or 5 times more than your average car!

Whilst the car is quick, it doesn’t quite clench your arse in terror.  Mind you, I’m a guy who’s been in some 1950s and ’60s sports and racing cars which have spitting engines within bodies made of tracing paper.  So I guess I’m used to more rudimentary performance.

Fast cars overtime have become more refined and safe.  And I really like the linear (and rather addictive) power delivery of the R8, it’s not too shocking.   It’ll certainly leave your mum’s car in the dust.

It’s nice, and what’s also nice is the comfort of the thing.

audi r8 dummies
You could really get used to it!

Even over speed bumps and slightly uneven roads, this car rides properly!

What I mean by that, is that it’s not uncomfortable.  The seats themselves are nice things to sit in, and the R8 is really quite smooth even when you put your foot down.

So really, despite the low ride height.  You can really get more comfortable in the R8 than in your mum’s small eco-box.  Even if you push the big button labelled; ‘sport’.  Which firms up the suspension a bit.

Looks?  Well, that’s for you to decide, really.  I personally think the R8 look’s beautiful, and even better in convertible form (which is what the ‘Spyder’ part of the name means).

I mean yes, your mum’s little eco car may more practical and it’s more fuel efficient.

But that’s like saying; “Yes, I could save money and just go on holiday to Norwich!”   But come on, you’d rather go to Spain or Italy, wouldn’t you?

And that’s what the R8 Spyder and supercars are all about!  That glorious treat you give to yourself, despite the fact that it’d probably have you drunk!  It’s a little thing called fun 🙂



Now please for the sake of your precious knowledge, research and try and fall in love with fast cars!  It’s just that one area of your brain that’s dying for expertise!

audi r8 dummies
Overall, I really like this car, I mean a lot!

Anyways, now it’s time to give my verdict on the car.  Something that’s targeted towards petrolheads.

Honestly, before I experienced this car, I wouldn’t have really bothered thinking about it.  I always thought it was a poor man’s Lamborghini with 4 rings on the grille.

I always believed that the perfect fast Audi was the RS4 Avant, which was half the price of the V10 R8.

But you know what?

It’s completely won me over!  People have complained that the R8 isn’t a supercar.  But they have to realise that it wasn’t meant to be a carbon fibre- infested thoroughbred.  It was meant to be a subtle, everyday supercar to rival the Porsche 911.

Yes, the Maserati Granturismo and Grancabrio is a cooler choice, but the glorious V10 soundtrack and astonishing performance of the R8 make me want one EASILY over any 911!

Fabulous car, and I’m glad Audi kept that engine.



-Very nice, linear performance

-Amazing V10 soundtrack (just bliss)

-Looks beautiful

-Easy to use

-No harder to drive than a Golf

-Surprisingly comfortable



-Far too windy in the cabin

-Passengers don’t get much legroom

-A bit of a faff, if you’re tall


R.I.D score- 7.8/10

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