5 Reasons Why Mercedes AMG Is Better Than BMW ///M

AMG better than M

Okay, I’m coming clean about this, so be ready.

I have ALWAYS preferred the smokey, tail waggling cars of Mercedes’ AMG line up over BMW’s poised and precise M series range.

The M5 fanboys can feel free to get triggered over that statement, but coming up now are a set of reasons as to why AMG is quite simply more superior over the Bavarians.  And to be fair, there’ll be little room for argument.


1.  AMG Engines Are More Evocative-

AMG better than M
The 6.2 litre V8 was one of the world’s great soundtracks!

Don’t get me wrong, M series engines are amongst the greatest ever made, make no mistake.  The 3.5 litre straight six found in the original M5 was a sweet little thing.

But even despite the 5.0 litre V10’s howl, AMG’s big V8s sound as though thunder has just started mating with a life threatening earthquake!

The famous M156 6.2 litre V8 is the type of noise that God would use, if he decided to blow something up.

BMW has literally NOTHING on the guys in Stuttgart when it comes to aggressive soundtracks.

And that famous AMG bellow is still being savoured today, with the new and rather shouty E63 S.   They’re just so angry and characterful!


2. They’ve Made More Supercars-

AMG better than M
Come on then Bimmer, where’s your mental special?

BMW’s M division really got it’s name after they churned out their first (and only) supercar, the M1.  Styled by Giugiaro, powered by a 286bhp straight six, it was fast and yet very quite usable.

Problem is though, that’s the only M series supercar that’s ever been made…

AMG on the other hand have a bit more imagination-

The CLK GTR was boundless, and everyone adores the SLR McLaren!   Even the gorgeous SLS gullwing worried most supercars of the time.

They’re still at it today:  The AMG Project One is to be unveiled quite soon.   It just goes to show that AMG joins the elite and produces some genuinely stunning engineering marvels!

If only BMW put their silly socks on…


3. They Look More Badass-

AMG better than M
Can’t get over those flared wheel arches and carbon lip spoiler! Never mind the diffuser.

Okay this one is more subjective, but let me explain.

BMW’s M cars tend to be designed so they are functional, yet noticeably different to the car your dentist drives.

The tasteful paint options on M cars tend to heart back to the original M series cars of the ’70s and ’80s (such as that matt beige on the 30 Jahre M5).  And this shows that they like to play it fairly safe with styling.

AMG on the other hand tends to follow the trends on what’s cool in the fashion industry, and go mad with it!

I mean who else drools over the Edition 1 decals on matt paint finishes?  They’ve got that sense of epic, which BMWs fail to follow.

And the CLK Black (pictured above) has DTM styling nods which are guaranteed to make any petrolhead have a trouser accident…  It’s far more evil than BMW’s orange M3 GTS.


4. They Make Wagons-

AMG better than M
580bhp estate car? Excellent.

For reasons that simply cannot be explained, petrolheads love fast wagons.  (Or estate cars, depending on where you live.)

You don’t have to browse the internet for long until you’ll stumble across spiced up Volvo 240s with twin turbo Toyota straight sixes in them.

So BMW’s occasional release of an M series wagon is a huge hit, but AMG makes them all the time!

In fact, here’s a quick guide as to what you can get from AMG-

-C63 Estate

-E63 Estate

-CLS 63 Shooting Brake

– CLA 45 Shooting Brake

Meanwhile, here’s what M series estates you can get

Have I made my point yet?    AMG estates are awesome!  And it’s a shame that BMW rarely make them… (Although I will say that the M5 Tourings were fabulous!)


5. They Have a More Fascinating History-

AMG better than M
The ‘Red Pig’ was an unlikely race car, which was actually very successful!

I will open out once again, the BMW 3.0 CSL is one of my all time favourite cars.  I love the ’70s-ness about it, I love the rasp of the straight six engine, and I love it’s successful racing heritage.

The thing is though, the CSL’s success was down to a team of 35 pitch perfect engineers who probably got A grades in every exam, and know every detail of Einstein’s third brain cell.

AMG on the other hand, had more humble beginnings.

AMG was founded by just two former Mercedes engineers; Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher.   And they decided to take a leisurely 300 SEL 6.3, and make it faster.

They had created a racing car called the ‘Red Pig’.  And this 6.8 litre beast entered the 1971 Spa 24 hours, and the damn thing won first in it’s class and second overall!

That’s just insane for a car, which once was a Berliner’s office.  Top work, chaps!


So There We Are

AMG better than M
Feel more attached to AMG yet?

So there are the 5 reasons why AMG is better than M.

Yes, some of my favourite German cars are M series cars, but as a brand, as a whole and as a passion, my heart has always been leaning towards the skunk-works of AMG.

It must be pretty boring writing about them.  You’d have to drone on about how fabulous it made you feel when destroying the rear tyres in a cloud of smoke.

You’d have to write predictably about how the tail wags out like an excited dog.

But despite that, you’d for sure be having a lot more fun driving one than you would in an M series!

And that’s why I love them.

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