7 Of The Most Unusual Drift Cars Ever Built

Jaguar E-Type drift thumbnail

Drifting is one of the best motorsports in the world, thanks to a huge variety of reasons. But it’s the variety of cars that is really fascinating, so here is a list of seven of the most unusual drift cars in the world.

1) Audi Ur-Quattro

Audi Quattro drift

This is a Group B homologation Audi Quattro, one of only a couple of hundred in existence. Normally, this car would be confined either to historic rallying or sitting in a collection somewhere. In case you didn’t notice, this isn’t normal.

Built by Irishman Darren McNamara, previously a Formula Drift competitor, this one has been converted to RWD, but, amazingly, keeps the five-cylinder engine. Saying anything more would take away from such an awe-inspiring vehicle.

What a bizzare creation…

2) Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago drift

No. Your eyes do not deceive you.

Yes, a mid-engined Italian supercar, drifting. Driven by Daigo Saito, Formula D and D1 GP championship winner, this Murcielago retains its wonderful NA V12, and gets a Liberty Walk kit as well, just to make it that bit more extreme.

The car also starred in one of these five amazing drifting videos.

3) Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type drift

This isn’t really an E-Type any more.

A 1JZ Toyota straight-six. A BMW E46 3-series gearbox. A BMW E60 M5 rear end. Some rather extreme bodywork, necessary since it’s around 11cm wider than stock. A slightly odd but undeniably beautiful red paint. Rather large and gaudy wheels.

It all comes together to make what is probably the most extreme E-Type in the world.

4) Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA drift

Wow, with that screaming V10 that the LFA is so famous for, this’ll be one of the best sounding drift cars in the world, right? Wrong. It’s got a NASCAR V8.

Nobody really has any idea where the LFA drift car came from – whilst there are reports that the car was damaged in a flood, they are unconfirmed. But you can’t deny that taking a £340,000 limited edition supercar that’s only going to appreciate in value drifting takes a lot of bravery.

5) Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360 drift

The Ferrari 360 would normally be seen on a racetrack, and indeed so will this one. It just isn’t going to be doing what Ferraris normally do at a track.

Built by Hirokazu Suzuki, owner of aftermarket aero parts company ARIOS, the 360 is their main flagship car, featuring their own front bumper, side skirts and rear spoiler. And it has, of course, a screaming flat-plane V8 in the middle for added insanity.

6) Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat drift

Tanner Foust has had an interesting career. Two-time Formula D champion. Three-time Global Rallycross champion. American Top Gear presenter. And now he’s taken a FWD Passat and turned it into a 900 horsepower nitrous assisted LS V8 powered RWD smoke machine.

Surprisingly, it still looks very like a Volkswagen Passat, although it certainly doesn’t sound like one. Or go like one.

7) Nissan Pao

Nissan Pao drift

What the hell is this, you ask?

Mostly an S13 Silvia is the answer, but the body, that’s the interesting part. It’s a Nissan Pao, a small retro-styled car built between 1989 and 1991. There are many things it isn’t really suitable for, and drifting is definitely one of them. There’s a reason why drifters prefer long wheelbases, you know.

So. Which one is your favourite? Or is there another, even more insane drift car that I’ve never heard of? If so, please tell me below.

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