7 Great Cars Going Extinct Which You Can Pick Up On The Cheap(ish)


Over the past 2-5 years you may have started to notice a handful of cars being sold more often at auctions and on second hand car websites.  What I’m referring to are the hot, fizzy little cars you used to want to have, but could never afford.

The Cars which every teenager wants to get their grubby little hands on the second they pass their driving test so that they can go and blitz down all of the nearest B-Roads.

Still not got any ideas? Well, good news! As here are 7 great cars which you can pick up on the cheap(ish).


1: Citroën Saxo VTS


Citreon Saxo VTS 04


The Citroën Saxo VTS Model is not only a great first car, but also one of the best hot-hatches out there at the moment.  Play your cards right, and you could end up with one of your own in great condition for as little as £1,395.

Grab one while you can though as this is one of the fastest dying cars on UK roads, there are less than 464 left registered.

While it may be an old Citroën, it has proven to be one of best little hot-hatches ever made.  It may only have a little 1.4 litre 118 horsepower engine.  But due to it weighing less than a tonne it’ll go like shit off a shovel.  Proven by Richard Hammond when he took one to a Rally-Cross event for Top Gear.


Citreon Saxo VTS Top Gear Rally-Cross


2: Mazda 3 MPS




Yes, okay……it’s a Mazda 3.  But, those 3 little letters following make it STILL one of the fastest small family cars you can buy.

For between £3,500 and £6,200 you could grab yourself a genuine 155MPH hot-hatch that will outrun a surprising amount of cars on the road today.

With the help of a 256 horsepower 2.3litre turbocharged engine it will sprint to 60mph in six seconds! Couple that with 280lbs-ft of torque and you’ll be overtaking almost every car you could have bought for the same money.


3. Toyota MR2 GT


Toyota MR2 GT 2 Litre


The Toyota MR2 is well known for being a great starting point for a relatively inexpensive 2-seater sports car. Especially for younger people.

It’s doesn’t have lots of power, but it is a mid-engined, real-wheel-drive, 2-seater sports cars with a manual gearbox and reliable badge (trolls inbound). The perfect recipe for a small sports car for young people.

They can be picked up for as little as £2,000.  However you’ll need at least £2,500 for one in good condition.


4. Ford Fiesta ST (’05)


Ford Fiesta ST


The Ford Fiesta was every Chav’s choice when it was new (thanks guys for the high insurance group).  However, there was reason why young-guns in Addidas track suits made a B-Line for these though.

They’re brilliant.


Ford Fiesta 05 Cocking a Rear Whell


They shortly became the benchmark hot-hatch fun box on wheels. It’s small 2.0 litre Duratec would take round any corner on 3 wheels and put a massive grin on the drivers face.

£1,700 is small price to pay for something that you can use to take kids to school in the morning and then blast around your local back roads or short circuit in the afternoon.


5. Citreon C2 VTS


Citreon C2 VTS
The C2 VTS.  France’s answer to the ’05 Fiesta ST.  Small, square and front wheel drive.  It’s also quite nippy too. With a little 1.6 litre 125 horsepower engine it’ll get you and fat free friend to 62mph in 8.0 seconds.  Sure, it’s not as fast as the Fiesta, but given that it’s insurance group 12 and not 19 I’m sure you can give into that.

It’s not all about being brisk though.  It’s just as practice as the Fiesta.  More so in some ways.

It has a split tailgate which will come in handy when you want to show off your unnecessarily loud and obnoxious sound system at your local car meet. Not only that but there’s also a hefty amount of mods for the C2.  Great for if you want to stand out in a crowd of tyre smoke, baseball caps and men in loungewear.


6. Honda S2000


HondaS2000 Silver


I remember first seeing one of these parked neatly on a neighbour’s driveway not many months after it was put on sale to the public. He had just washed it and I remember thinking “that looks like a poor attempt at fitting in with the younger generation”.  Ooh how wrong I was.

Thanks to it’s 2.0 litre 247 horsepower engine it had the highest specific output of any N/A production road car up until the Ferrari 458 Specialé came out in 2013.

It’s also been the template for many many modifications and is driven like a prat all across the globe. Everyone from kids in their 20’s to people who think that they’re kids while having a midlife crisis in their 40’s (my old neighbour for example).

But ignoring that pointless information for a minute, it’s worth me pointing out that you can grab this bargain basement for as little as £4,500.  I know that’s not exactly in-tow with the cut prices I’ve already listed, but think of it this way.

247bhp, rear-wheel-drive, manual, open-top, Japanese, still works and won’t let your insurance company rape you even if you’ve just passed your test.


7. VW Golf GTI 16 Valve


Volkswagen Golf GTI 16v

It’s an original Golf GTI. That’s all there really needs to be said about it.

Original Golf GTI
Basically, buy one.

If you get one in good nick and a chick catches you in it you’ll be ploughing f*cking fields.


Comment any more bargain basement unicorns you know of down below.

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