7 Cheap Diesel Cars Potentially Worth Buying

cheap diesel cars

If you haven’t been checking out the news recently, then it’s important to know that 2017 isn’t looking very pretty for the black stuff.  The media is labelling it like America was to the Soviet Union.

And in some respects, that’s a real shame.  We used to be amazed by diesels.

But now it seems that Mr Khan and his newly powerful government is attempting to exterminate everything that even telegrams the stuff!

However, while diesel cars are getting beaten up, they might suddenly become VERY cheap.  And here’s 7 at least, which are worth considering.


1. BMW 530D (F10)

cheap diesels worth considering
Arguably all the car you’ll ever need.

Beemers are loved for their intrinsic straight six squeal, their rear-wheel drive handling, their 50/50 weight distribution and a more sporty driving experience than rivals.

And the best example of them all is the 5 Series!  For over 40 years, this Munich icon has blitzed the competition.

And the mid-range 530D is a diesel worth considering!  Why?

Alongside it’s mature, dentistry-style looks, the 3.0 litre straight six has 254bhp on tap!  Meaning a 0-60 time of under 6 seconds.

But alongside the impressive pickup, it’s comfortable as well.  And provides a more involving driving experience than it’s rivals.  Even the M-Sport trim adds such a sense of cool to the car!


Want one?  Well they start from around the £10k mark for high milers, but don’t be surprised if they drop in value like a recession!


2. VW Golf 2.0 TDI Bluemotion (MK6)

cheap diesels worth considering
Underrated, yet very VERY good car!

Don’t yawn, no seriously please, stay awake.

Because for under £9,000 at the moment, you can bag yourself an extremely impressive diesel, and a fun one on that!

These Bluemotion diesel engines are quite underrated. In the MK6 2.0 litre Golf, they top out 140bhp, which is enough to demonise almost ANY iconic ’80s hot hatch!

0-60 times are irrelevant in cars like this (it’s 9 seconds flat), but the vast torque delivery and snappy handling makes the thing feel like a charging hyena with coal in it’s buttocks!

If you haven’t, consider one of these cars in future.  My mother has had her 2.0 litre Bluemotion Golf for a little while and it’s fuel consumption is as efficient as a Swiss watch!

And £30 a year for road tax!  Bargain!

3. Jaguar XF-S Sport-brake

cheap diesels worth considering
Sleek AND economical

We don’t normally associate Jags with diesel engines, it wasn’t that long ago where it was the most sacrilegious thing a man could do.

These days however, they’re amongst the most popular luxury cars you can get!  And there’s one worth considering, the 3.0 litre V6 XF-S.

A direct rival to the 530D, this Jag is capable of keeping right up with the German in all areas!  Despite it’s rakish good looks, it can achieve up to 50mpg.

Your choice, really.  You can either trust some faultless Munich engineering, or a black cat from Britain!

Prices start from around £17,000, but due to the government, those prices might come crashing down…  ideal family car, actually.


4. Mercedes E250 Convertible

cheap diesels worth considering
A diesel that prefers Clair de Lune rather than clatter.

You may imagine that putting a 2.1 litre diesel engine in a (once was) £42,000 soft-top Merc is a stupid idea.

But it wasn’t.  Seriously, it really wasn’t!

I praised this car a lot, I was too impressed at how subtle, quiet and smooth the diesel engine was.

I was amazed at how Mercedes managed to bring back the over-engineered quality back into the E-Class.

But most of all, I was amazed at how I got out of this thing, and was willing to call it one of the loveliest cars ever made.

So there was no way that the fabulous E250 Convertible was being ignored.  And right now, one of these can be picked up for around £22,000.  But if the diesel hate gets worse, I’m bagging one of these!

Read the full review of it here.


5. Range Rover TDV8

cheap diesels worth considering
Chelsea tractors going cheap? Well, believe it or not, it may well happen soon!

Ah, the Range Rover.  Famous for many things, chief among which is the owners either being bird shooters or Rolex watch braggers.  Either way, the Range Rover still remains one of the all time greats.

You can buy the previous gen with a 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine, but nobody can ignore the 4.4 litre V8 coal runner!

With more torque than the orbiting system itself, and a nice figure of 30mpg average.  The TDV8 Range Rover is almost an ideal off-road car.

With more subtle looks than today’s version, these can be picked up from £20,000!  Good value considering what it is!

And the fact that Sadiq Khan wants SUVs gone from London as well as diesels, means that these old brutes could become mega affordable.

Now that’s a luxury diesel worth considering!


6. Volvo S80 (first gen)

cheap diesels worth considering
Anybody else really growing on the looks of old Volvos like this?

Now that we’ve checked out those great diesels predicted to drop like fog, it’s time to look at a car which is already jaw-droppingly cheap.

The Volvo S80 was unveiled to the public as the standardisation in automotive safety, those geeky men in high visibility jackets loved these things!  Owners loved them too, and so should you.

Prices for good ones literally start for less than a top end Mac computer!  That’s right, under £1,000 will get you this suave, Swedish barge.  And it’s a bargain worth considering.

Powered by a 2.4 or 2.5 litre 5 cylinder diesel engine, this thing can get up to 60mph in 9.7 seconds.  Respectable considering it’s age and what it is.

It’s gotten to the point on this site where we give buying advice on old diesel Volvos, but let me ask you-  When was the last time you saw one?

Exactly, they’re getting rare!


7. Audi A8 3.0 TDI

cheap diesels worth considering
The thinking man’s big barge?

The Mercedes S-Class is all very well.  It’s the pioneer of what cars are going to be like in the next 10 years or so, each time a new one is released.

However, you could argue that the modern day S-Class is a bit…..well….flashy.

Ever since the rather ugly one came along in 2006, the big Merc was ruined really.  It’s tech was fascinating, but it’s character had been WAY too stylised.

Which is why in this day and age, the sensible money has moved from the brash Merc to the more subtle Audi A8.

And this theme of sensibleness, is why you should consider an A8 in the future.

Quality to last, engines to pull, and looks to make you feel low-key.  The A8 is the ideal businessman’s suit.  And the 3.0 litre diesel version is by FAR the most sensible of them all

Priced from around £11-12k, they’re certainly looking like great bargains!


And you never know, by next year, the price of a wilfully modern and cool Audi, will give you the Jason Statham look, for the price of a VW Up.

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